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Fredric’s Arms and Smiths provides professional gunsmith and repair services as well as custom firearms building. Along with the region’s only factory certified DuraCoat® specialist, Fredric’s Arms supplies retail sale and firearms transfer services.

Repair & Maintenance

Gunsmithing is a complex and varied craft. So whether the job is routine maintenance, repair, or restoration, Fredric’s Arms and Smiths combines traditional skill, experience, and expertise with modern technology to provide work of exceptional quality for its clients. Each firearm is unique and personal to its owner, and Fredric’s Arms works closely with clients to assure the work done meets all their needs and expectations.

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Custom Work

If clients already have a firearm they would like to customize, or if they would like to design a firearm based on one they intend to purchase, Fredric’s Arms can help. We can advise clients in selecting and purchasing the best initial firearm and components to help them realize their custom concepts or guide clients in choosing the options available and best suited to making their existing firearm meet their ideals. All they need to do is contact Fredric’s Arms and Smiths to set up an appointment.

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