Step One – Discussion 

The most important step in the process is meeting with the client and discussing their shooting needs, preferences, and expectations. They may already have a firearm that they wish to customize, or they may be creating a system from scratch. In this case, selecting the best initial platform/stock weapon/receiver to begin with is also important.

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Step Two – Design/Select

Using the internet as well as parts in inventory, clients will be able to choose the elements of their weapon including, but not limited to such elements as, stocks, barrels, sights, magazine releases, magazines, colors and finishes, personalized engraving, scopes, tripods, and slings. Measurements for butt stock length, fore-stock placement, and trigger pull are taken. Clients are also encouraged to look through various site systems and heft various weights and balances of weapons to help them get the feel of the type of weapon they would like. Care is taken so that only compatible elements are selected in the design of the firearm. Choices regarding customs finishes will also be determined.

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Step Three – Assembly 

Once the client has selected the various elements for their firearm and they have been ordered and received, assembly will begin. This process involves crucial fitting and fine tuning of the various parts for the weapon. The client is consulted throughout the process to insure that the vision they had for the firearm is being met, and so that any adjustments to the design due to parts availability, etc. may be made. Assembly may take up to four to six weeks

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Step Four – Fit

Once the firearm is substantially complete, the client will be asked to come in for a final fitting. Adjustments will be made and the gun will be ready for final testing before being delivered to the customer.

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Step Five – Finish 

Step Five: FinishOnce the firearm is fully tested for accuracy, safety, and dependability, the weapon is prepared for presentation with various options available including cleaning supplies, cases, care and maintenance information, service plans, ammunition recommendations, and accessories.

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