Marc Stairet

Since he was eight years old, Marc Stairet was doing the reloading, cleaning, and maintenance of his family’s firearms. Under the tutelage of his grandfather and later local master gunsmiths, Marc learned the craft of gunsmithing. This skill was crucial during his time in the military, where his job as an expert marksman demanded that he be able to refine his weapon for unparalleled accuracy and dependability.For over forty years he has cared for the firearms of family and friends, helping them to enjoy a more satisfying shooting experience. From providing young shooters with a comfortable, easy to manage rifle, to helping more experienced gun owners refine their firearms for casual to competition shooting, Marc has honed the craft of gunsmithing into what many fear is a dying art. Now, he has decided to share that craftsmanship is a more formal way by providing professional gunsmithing services full time; hence, the birth of Fredric’s Arms and Smiths, LLC.

Linda Stairet

Supporting Marc in his venture to provide much needed gunsmithing services is his wife of over 30 years, Linda. She is a school teacher by profession who always liked shooting as a hobby, but really came to enjoy it once Marc custom assembled and fitted her rifle to her. She would tell anyone that there is nothing like accuracy combined with comfort to make shooting more fun. She looks forward to bringing a woman’s touch to the business and making sure that everyone who comes to Fredric’s Arms and Smiths feels at home and at ease.


1904 Airport Way

Richland WA, 99352

P: 509.943.5355 



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